Monday, November 18, 2013

Auction for Annabelle

Oh hai my furry peeps! It's me, your pal Annabelle.

I am aghast at how long it's been since the Warden or I posted to this blog. I don't know where the time has gone. One minute I'm napping in my cat bed and the next, entire weeks have disappeared!!

I have looked for them under the bed, in the closet and even where lots of other things disappear -- inside Rocky's stomach! I cannot find those weeks anywhere. <sigh>. I sure hope they don't go missing again.

Anyhoo, the Warden asked me to tell you that since her CB auction for my vet bills never happened, she decided to have one herself. Now that she sees how much work goes into an auction, she fully understands why they do not happen very often. Meowza, that took years off her life!! MOL.

We have lots of goodies in our auction. Great stuff for kitties, woofies and humans too. She thought she had more items, but some things didn't pass my strict quality control, MOL. If you have something you'd like to donate to our auction, we'd be delighted to include it. Just let us know!

We hope you will take a look at the auction, and if you see something you like, please bid. And maybe, paws crossed, the Warden will be able to pay off my bill before the New Year!! Our wonderful vet has been so very patient, but even she has limits.

Here's the auction link:


  1. Good luck with the auction sweetie and I hope lots of green papers flow soon!

  2. best oh fishes two ewe with yur auctionz annabelle..we hope it helpz pay yur vetz bill reeely soon :) XXXXX

  3. I hope your auction goes amazingly!

  4. Good luck! Yes, those things can be very time-consuming to put together ... I love the cat sweater!

    Selina & MomKatt Laura

  5. We will check out the auction and help spread the word. We knows how scary big vet bills can be.

  6. Mom would be happy to donate an item for your auction.
    In the past she has donated hand crocheted scarves.
    Let us know if you would like one. She is about 1/2 finished with a scarf.
    If she put her mind to it she could finish it this week.
    Hugs madi and mom

    1. Sure, that would be lovely! Do you want to send a photo of one now, as an example (and I could always update with the actual colors later).

  7. We hope your auction goes smoothly, and you raise lots of money for your vet bills, Annabelle. We will go and check things out!

  8. You have some really cool items in the auction. I shared about it on FB. Hope it goes well. The last auction I bid on, the postman stole my item which got me mad cos I paid for it. I got madder when the person who held the auction, resent the items cos now she was spending more than I donated.

  9. We wish your Auction the very best of success! We hope that it will be a big help towards your Vet Bill. Your blog header is fabulous! Have a good week kitties and an awesome Auction!

  10. It is a lot of work! I hope you raise lots of moolah! xox

  11. You're missin' weeks? Hmmm... sounds like time travel gone awry. You or anyone in your house been messin' with whisks?


  12. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Hope you raise lots with your auction. Will share :)

  13. Good luck on your auction. We all know how expensive vet bills can get.

    Pee ess - we love your header and new look.

  14. We just tweeted about your auction. We sure hope it helps!

  15. Great to see you again. I'll certainly check out your auction!