Friday, June 28, 2013

Welcome to Purr Therapy!

Hi there! My name is Annabelle, and I'm one of the three kitties who'll be slaving over this blog. My brofurs Rocky and Mickey are the others, and we may even let our Warden chime in sometimes IF we feel like she has anything important to say.

This is me -- aren't I pretty? Momma says I am the cutest cat she's ever laid eyes on. It's no secret that I'm her favorite, but she loves all of us as much as any hoomin ever could. We know we won the cat lottery for sure! It wasn't her lot in life, she says, to have little two-leggers, so us kitties became her family and her kids.

She decided to name  this blog Purr Therapy because she says that's what we do: we purr, and it's her therapy. She says our purrs work miracles, that there's nothing they can't cure.

Momma likes to call us her Angels With Fur but I dunno about that -- oh, I know I am an angel but those other way! 

Rocky is the naughtiest cat you could ever meet,and he tries every last bit of the Warden's patience on a daily basis. Plus, he steals food off her plate right in front of her!

Mickey's not much better; he wants what he wants, when he wants it, and she can't ever boss him around or make him do what SHE wants, cuz' that's not just how he rolls.
I think Momma likes me best because I'm so sweet and cuddly, and I love giving hugs and kisses and being brushed and petted all day long. She says I'm the love of her life, whatever that means.

Anyhoo, I have instructions not to make this first post go on into infinity because no one likes to spend all day reading long blog posts by cats OR hoomins. Is that so?

I hope you'll want to be my friend and follow my adventures in Purr Therapy.