Friday, July 26, 2013

Rocky and Belle's 10th Gotcha Day! (sort of)

Annabelle here. My *twin* brofur Rocky and I are ten years old now! The Warden doesn’t know what day in July we were born, so we get to celebrate the whole month. How cool is that? She also doesn’t remember the exact day in July that she rescued us, because a) her brain is old as dirt and b) back then, she didn’t know that kitties celebrated their Gotcha Day. She learned this from all of you wonderful pet bloggers. So now we not only celebrate our birthday in July, but our Gotcha Month, too!

I can’t imagine what the Warden must have thought when she found us, all covered in fleas and clinging to life. We were a sight, I am sure.  Those fleas were eating us alive and two of our brofurs had already died, so it was definitely our lucky day when the Warden found us in that shack. Our momma was with us, but she was sick too from the fleas, and there wasn’t enough milk to go around. When the Warden picked us up, she could see thousands of fleas crawling on our tiny little bodies! She nearly lost her lunch!!

It was so hard for the Warden to imagine that someone would arrange for the care of their plants while they went on vacation for 2 weeks, but not for teeny tiny kittens living in a flea-infested shack. Just unthinkable, she said. But there we were, (barely) living proof that idiots really do live among us. The Warden knew she had to take us away immediately, no matter what the lady would say when she got back from cavorting on an island somewhere.

It turns out the dumb lady didn’t really care what happened to us. She didn’t care that we had flea anemia and nearly died. She didn’t care that we needed round-the-clock TLC  to make sure we lived. The Warden said she’d give us back to the lady OVER HER DEAD BODY. But that threat of dying was unnecessary, because the lady didn’t care that Rocky and I were never going back to that shack. Hooray for her not caring, because that meant we could stay with the Warden furever!

And that’s where we’ve been, for ten years. We have a wonderful life, because the Warden is the best Mom ever. I don’t know how I know this…I just do. When people tell her that she spoils us, she proudly replies “Well, of course I do!” When they say, “They’re just cats!” she gives them a look that would wither the dead if they weren’t already skeletons.

As if we could ever be “just” anything. We’re her family, her fur kids, her earth angels. The Warden says we make her life worth living. I say, she does the same for us!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

We Has the Sads, Because Our Grandma Hates Us!

Kitties, this may be hard to imagine, but our Warden's mom denies our existence!

Well, that may not be exactly the truth. She knows we exist, but she doesn't really care about us and never spends any time with us. Yes, she refuses to acknowledge us as her grandcats! Now, admittedly, that's more hurtful to the Warden than it is for us. But when the Warden is sad, we're sad...because she tends to dole out the treats a little less frequently when she's unhappy!!

See, it wasn't in the cards of life for our Warden to have human beans, so she adopted us kitties instead and we became her family. She calls us her "fur kids" and she does absolutely think of us like children, we're just a little bit furrier than most beans. MOL. She loves us with every part of her heart, and then some. We are more important to her than anyone or anything on earth, and we know how lucky we are to have her as our Mom. Yes, I know we like to joke that she's our Warden, but that's all for fun. We love her and she's the only Mom we have and ever want to have.
Who wouldn't love this adorable face?
Our Grandma, though, is not an animal person. She doesn't dislike cats but she's not interested in them either. But we're not just ANY cats, we're her grandcats! At least...we should be. But she says we are not -- that she only recognizes the beans as grandkids and that means no cats. How sad is that?

Recently, Grandma doled out $2,000 to each of her ten human grandkids. What did we, her grandcats, get? Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Not even a teeny tiny bag of cat treats!! Wowzer, our Mom was mad. She brought it up to Grandma and do you know what Grandma said? We don't get anything because we aren't human!!

Harumph. Our Mom thinks that is really unfair. She thinks we should have gotten a little something as a token to acknowledge how special we are to her, because in her eyes we ARE her kids whether we have two legs or four. And if we are that special to our Mom, and Grandma cares about her daughter, then she should want to honor that relationship. Do you think our Mom is right to feel slighted? We would have been happy with a bag of treats for each of  us. That's a lot less than $2,000 but it's the thought that counts. And right now, our Mom thinks our Grandma is thoughtless.

I am curious what other kitties think, and if you have a Grandma who cares about you even though you are not a bean.