Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rocky the Kidd

Butch Cassidy? Sundance? Billy the Kid? Jesse James? Oh sure, those are all legendary outlaws of the Wild West. But I submit -- they have nothing on this feline desperado!

Ann from Zoolatry made this Wanted poster for us. I think it fits Rocky to a T, and I just adore it.

Rocky the Kidd is the naughtiest outlaw cat on the planet, and I'm sure he actually thinks his name is "NO!" because I say it daily, multiple times.

Rocky the Kidd stops at nothing to get what he wants: food! He will open the kitchen cupboard and then stand on his hind legs on top of the coffee maker so he can get treats down from the top shelf.

Rocky the Kidd steals food off MY plate right in front of me, sometimes even off my fork as it is moving from my plate to my mouth!

But I ask you -- who could ever stay mad at that beyond-adorable face? Not I!!


  1. Rocky sounds kind of like Binga! Food obsessed to the point of... madness!

  2. Great costume! Rocky sounds like what we like to call a "character!' And you're right ... there is no way we could EVER stay mad at that face. :)

  3. yep - too cute to be mad at for long.....

  4. I understand why Rocky is WANTED :)

  5. dood...yur coztoom iz rockin awesum...we loves pleez ta help yur self ta dinner...yur momz !!!! happee howl o ween tow everee one with louts oh flounder in yur trik ore treetz bag !!

  6. Rocky the Kidd is quite the character from the sounds of it!