Sunday, July 21, 2013

We Has the Sads, Because Our Grandma Hates Us!

Kitties, this may be hard to imagine, but our Warden's mom denies our existence!

Well, that may not be exactly the truth. She knows we exist, but she doesn't really care about us and never spends any time with us. Yes, she refuses to acknowledge us as her grandcats! Now, admittedly, that's more hurtful to the Warden than it is for us. But when the Warden is sad, we're sad...because she tends to dole out the treats a little less frequently when she's unhappy!!

See, it wasn't in the cards of life for our Warden to have human beans, so she adopted us kitties instead and we became her family. She calls us her "fur kids" and she does absolutely think of us like children, we're just a little bit furrier than most beans. MOL. She loves us with every part of her heart, and then some. We are more important to her than anyone or anything on earth, and we know how lucky we are to have her as our Mom. Yes, I know we like to joke that she's our Warden, but that's all for fun. We love her and she's the only Mom we have and ever want to have.
Who wouldn't love this adorable face?
Our Grandma, though, is not an animal person. She doesn't dislike cats but she's not interested in them either. But we're not just ANY cats, we're her grandcats! At least...we should be. But she says we are not -- that she only recognizes the beans as grandkids and that means no cats. How sad is that?

Recently, Grandma doled out $2,000 to each of her ten human grandkids. What did we, her grandcats, get? Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Not even a teeny tiny bag of cat treats!! Wowzer, our Mom was mad. She brought it up to Grandma and do you know what Grandma said? We don't get anything because we aren't human!!

Harumph. Our Mom thinks that is really unfair. She thinks we should have gotten a little something as a token to acknowledge how special we are to her, because in her eyes we ARE her kids whether we have two legs or four. And if we are that special to our Mom, and Grandma cares about her daughter, then she should want to honor that relationship. Do you think our Mom is right to feel slighted? We would have been happy with a bag of treats for each of  us. That's a lot less than $2,000 but it's the thought that counts. And right now, our Mom thinks our Grandma is thoughtless.

I am curious what other kitties think, and if you have a Grandma who cares about you even though you are not a bean.


  1. I don't have any grand pawrents at all. They went to the Bridge back in the late 70's but mom said though she has three son beans she still loves s each of we babies that have come along very deeply. We are bonded. I would have sads too if I were not acknowledged by the family.

  2. We have never been recognized by any family either. Most of the time, families just don't care about the animals in the family. If the family person is not an animal lover, it is so hard for them to understand any one else that loves animals. Just be really glad that you have a good Mom.

  3. Our mom's mom loved us a;; but she could not even visit cuz she was allergic. The other grandmom was not too big on us but reluctantly accepted us as the grandcats!

  4. Your mom is absolutely right to feel slighted. You are her kids. She is her mom's kid. Ergo (been usin' that word a lot, lately), you are her mom's grandkids... only with fur.

    Some peeps just don't understand about havin' cats in the family. We shouldn't be too upset with them, though. Rather, we should feel sorry for them. They're missing out on a lot. Cats love their peeps, unconditionally. Like it or not, peeps don't always love other peeps unconditionally. Not even when they're family. Your grandma will never know what it's like to be loved like that and that's a very sad thing, indeed.


  5. You have an excellent point! We don't have a grandma, but if we did we would expect her to love us and treat us like family. Your grandma is really missing out by not being interested in you. It is clear that you kitties are your mom's family, so your grandma should recognize that and shower you with the love and gifts that you deserve. We don't think you need $2,000 like the human grandkids because the human ones are much more expensive to support...but giving you a bag of treats or mousie toy would be a nice gesture.

  6. When our Mom's Mom and Dad were alive, they knew those who came before us were their grandcats. Now, Mom has no relatives so we don't have any family except for Mom and Dad.

    The Florida Furkids

  7. Well, look on the bright sifde gang, you're not human and that is a big plus!

  8. Holy CAT. We're sooo sorry.
    We agree with Brian - those humans!
    We *do* have grandhumans who call us their grandcats - BUT -

    We get SCORES of (useless) toys from them. *sigh*

    You see, that's the thing - they go shopping, see something cute, and think "oh we HAVE to get this for our grandcats" but, uh...let's just say their aim is a bit off.

    Seriouslies, WHO WANTS A kitteh toothbrush, we ask you?!?

  9. We are so sorry you kittehs got slighted. :(

    Some humans just don't understand the bond between pets and their humans.

  10. The warden must be pretty special if she was brought up not knowing about and loving cats! I am lucky, my Grandma lives with me and loves me and talks to me all the time! You guys can share her if you want :)

  11. I guess we understand the Grandma not giving you each money, but she should acknowledge your Mom's relationship with you by being nicer about it. Fortunately your Mom will not have to worry about paying for college tuition for you three!

    Audrey is actually our "parents" granddaughter cat. When their daughter got married she came to live with us because the new husband has allergies to lots of things and they didn't want the marriage to start off on a bad foot due tot he cat. They brought her in a plane and everything and they have paid lots of moneys in vet bills for her already.

  12. Love your blog! We were told about you by Marg from Marg's Animals and we happy she sent us here!
    My Mom has no "human" kids of her own either, just me and my doggy brother.
    Hope you will visit us, we are now your newest followers
    Cody and Caren from Cat Chat

  13. I think that whatever someone thinks about cats, or dogs, or any pet for that matter, if that person loves about the person who loves the pets, then the first person should care, at least a little, about the pets, if only for the sake of the second person...if you follow.

    In any case, I think your grandmother should have gotten you at least a treat or a toy. That would have been nice.

  14. Hi! Nice to meet you! We are a multi-species family (one human, four kitties, one woofie and two horsies) living in France. We have no grandparents, just our mum (who has no kids) whom we call #1, but she loves us enough for the whole world. She says she is a little suspicious of humans who don't care for animals...

    Purrs, Woofs and Neighs,
    Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan and Gen-Chan (the kitties), Tommy (the woofie), and Vidock and Violette (the very large horsies)

  15. OMG TOO FUNNY! I didn't know this was you Julia! I never looked all the way down the sidebar! lol!!!! I just read your comment on Cat Chat but I was already following!

  16. We didn't know this was you, either, Julia, until we just saw it mentioned on Cheri's blog. :-)

    We understand your human's mother not giving you money, but think it's sad that she doesn't acknowledge you as equal and valued Beings. No offense to her or to your human assistant, but we don't think much of humans who lack respect and regard for four-leggeds.

  17. You know, our mom says there's no accountin' for some peoples thinking, we think she might have been talking about your Grandma.

    Our best advice? Love your Grandma no matter what, purr for her when she needs it, even if she doesn't know it, purrs are magical and wonderous things and they manage to find their way through the little cracks in peoples armour and speak to their soul.

  18. My mom have no 2-legged kids either , but she have me her fourlegged furry hairy cat :)
    My Grandma doesn´t live anymoore but she did love me a lot then she did and my Grandpa that is alive he loves me a lot too !
    I think your Grandma could have given you a treatbag each !

  19. Well I'm sorry to hear that your Grandma hates you....maybe she just doesn't "get" cats - lotsa peeps don't (go figure!). I don't have grandparents and my Mom doesn't have any human bean babies either so that's why my blog is called "One Spoiled Cat"....hee hee It's nice to meet you - even if your Grandma hates you, I suspect there's a whole lotta love goin' round your house anyway!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  20. Well, that's just not right! What if your Mom COULDN'T have kids, instead of choosing not to? Does that justify not making a gesture?
    Personally, I'm not very forgiving to unfair situations, so maybe I'm not the best one to have an opinion...but to me it smacks of plain old insensitivity.

  21. well geez - that's just not right. Now, we may not get as many presents as the human grandkid, but we at least get christmas presents from our grandma (we don't think grandpa is a willing participant, but whatever)....

  22. "We don't get anything because we aren't human"

    er, without wishing to be rude you could remind your Grandma that she is actually an animal, an ape, albeit a furless one.

    We don't understand how some apes don't like other species, it makes us very sad.

    Gerry & Mungo

  23. Our entire family is animal oriented, except the rest of our hooman family has woofies. We are the only cats. But a bag of treats for each of you would have been nice. Especially since your Grandmom must know how much you mean to your Mom. Well, we know your own Mom will make it up to all of you!

  24. Ah, this isn't a's a CHALLENGE! Give it time and we just bet, now that she knows how important you are to your Mom - her daughter, that she will begin to see you all in a different light. This will take time, but the reward of waiting will be just as sweet as the acknowledgement. Purrs...

  25. We say you should enjoy the luvvins of your mommy and ignore Grandma. It's her loss!

  26. That's frustrating. Some human grandpeep types who have this attitude don't have any human grandchildren and they think they're getting slighted. We had that from our grandpeep sometimes. But it sounds like they just don't understand or respect your Warden's choices, and that's sad. You need to make sure that you give your Warden extra affection when she is sad because your grandpeeps are clueless.

  27. Oh kitties, we are sad about this. You are such an adorable bunch and we know that it would mean a lot to your Mom if your Grandma acknowledged you. We are very happy for you that you do have such a fantastic Mom though. Now for Neytiri and I, we are very lucky. My Human didn't have children either and we are definitely her furkids but our Grandma loves both of us very much, she takes care of us if my Human goes away and she does buy us stuff and she has pictures of us all over her house as if we were human grandkids. One thing my Human always can say about her family is that they have loved her cats and that has meant a lot to her.

  28. That is a travesty!!!! She doesn't think much of her daughter if she doesn't think much of you. Many, many peeps consider there cats or dogs their children. There were some at the pawty the other night. My Gramma loved cats but for some reason she hated TW's Nicky. She said Nicky looked like a certain ethnic group that she didn't approve of. How a cat looks look like any human ethnic group is beyond me or TW. Gramma got very strange as she got older.

  29. Your Grandma is thoughtless, we has experience with thoughtless Grandma's although we are lucky we has one Grandma who considers us (even the dogs) her fur kids and one who doesn't. Wish we could offer some advice but Grandhumans seem to be kinda set in their ways and impossible to change.

    If she makes your Mom so unhappy maybe your Mom can limit the amount of time she spends around her and seek out nicer people. And we knows your will give your Mom lot of love.

  30. meowloz two everee one; de cats frum de wildcat woods sendin uz thiz way...pleez feel free ta stop by trout towne any time; we all wayz haz food on de grill 24/7...just due KNOT ask for burd, N we can use a lee find treets sum wear....sum kinda way...

    R food service purrsonz mom haz kittehz oh her gram maw is pretteee kewl with kittehz...HOWEVER.....we all iz still waitin on R 2014 CATillax cars that wuz promized ta uz when "sum thin" froze over...and like winter wuz 5 months ago...HELLO !!!~~~~~~~~

    verree nice two meet ewe purr therapy =^..^=

  31. When the Human mother was alive, she was nice to the kitties, though she was not a HUGE cat fan; the Human's Dad liked her kitties better than her mom did. But the Human's parents died thirty years ago so I don't have grandpawrents. I think it would show love for their daughter if the Grandma was a little bit more attentive to the Kitties. Maybe your Mom can edumacate her? Maybe you fur kids can win her over????

  32. Oh, kitties... we understand. Some humans just don't get it. Maybe if you throw on the charm...purr up a storm, twirl around their legs...a couple of headbonks for good measure...she might wise up.

    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  33. My son and I and our furbabies aren't even recognized by our family!
    Mom,Dad,Brother is what we had, but they were so mean and cruel and
    Dissed our furbabies, that we've had to disown them for our mental health!! We never let on to our fur babies, as to not hurt their tender feelings.
    We know how you feel.
    Keep your chin up though! I like to say that😊

  34. We can tell your Grandma isn't a cat person and evidently doesn't want to be called grandma to furry 4-feets. Her loss!

  35. You are not alone in this. My kittie's only nana doles out gobs of attention and financial goodies to her human grand beans, and totally ignores the feline ones.. She's taking one of them across the pond for a graduation gift.